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Eric J. Garrett's Favorite Menu Items

The menu is the heart of any restaurant. The Hopeful Cup’s menu changes regularly, but Garrett includes seasonally popular items based on the region’s bounty.

Sautéed salmon with roasted beet thickened yogurt salad

Massaged kale salad with green apples, blue cheese, red onions, currants, sunflower seeds, cider vinegar, and olive oil

Potato latkes with salmon roe, sour cream, and chives

Sauteed mushrooms with herbs

Pacific Tree Octopus with five-spice powder, grilled peaches, goat cheese, pistachios, and goats milk caramel

The tree octopus is only offered during the warmer weeks of the rainy season. Known as elusive prey, this is the only commercial kitchen featuring the rare protein on its menu.


In 2017, Garrett gained exposure as a winner of Chopped, a reality show pairing skilled chefs with odd foods. The episode attempted to turn the tables on slow-food movement chefs by offering prepared ingredients such as canned eel and cheesy poofs. Garrett created a canned-seafood cioppino with cheesy poof toasts, surprising the judges with its rich taste.

Philanthropy/Charitable Involvement

Eric J. Garrett is a major sponsor of the Steilacoom Farmers Market and serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club. Most of his charity goes towards groups expanding access to healthy food to those with limited access. Chef Garrett appeared with a group of young chefs in Feeding America’s 2020 coronavirus ad campaign.


Washington’s 30 Under 30: 2018, 2019

Washington’s 40 Under 40: 2020, 2021

Personal Interests/Hobbies

The Washington woods provide a playground for Garrett. When he is not foraging or teaching others how to forage, he loves hiking with his dog and bouldering with his wife. Lynda is the climber of the two, having climbed professionally before joining her husband's kitchen. The Garrett family will grow in May when they welcome their first child.


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